Public Education

Oregon Fire Department offers a hands-on approach to keeping our citizens safe and knowledgeable on safety practices.  Our highest priority is the safety of our residents. 

Goal for our community

Our goal is to make every home, school, work, or business safer in the city of Oregon.

We provide valuable assistance and resources for all ages related to safety.  Our firefighters will work with the community in person to provide support, life safety education and personal expertise to achieve our goal.

We Bring Our Class to You

Oregon firefighters will accept invites for education in schools, day care centers, senior centers, and employers.  We also take our education outdoors to explore our Fire and EMS apparatus so our students can use all senses to explore our profession. 

Family Education

During special events we offer many resources to help educate the public and make it entertaining for all ages.  Oregon Fire has its own Fire Safety Inflatable House.  This tool provides education on topics related to home safety and making a safe exit in an emergency.  Oregon Fire also has partnerships to provide a mobile safety trailer.  The trailer provides a realistic approach to education on smoke alarm, cooking safety, safe egress and more. 

Fire Extinguisher training

Fire extinguishers are statistically proven (93%) in recent studies to effectively extinguish fires. While the P.A.S.S. (Pull Aim Squeeze Sweep) pneumonic is helpful for users, hands-on training is the gold standard. Oregon Fire will provide education for anyone interested.

Public Education fire safety
Public Education fire safety

Schedule a Public Education

To schedule a public education, visit please click ‘Contact Us’ and submit a request under ‘Public Education Inquiry’.

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