With one key, the Knox Rapid Access System removes barriers to entry when first responders respond to an emergency call.

Responders can then gain rapid access into secure perimeters, gates, buildings, campuses, residential and commercial properties. 

What is the Purpose of a Knox Box?

A Knox Box is a small, wall-mounted safe that holds building keys for fire departments, emergency medical services, and sometimes police to retrieve in emergency situations Local fire departments can hold master keys to all boxes in their response area so that they can quickly enter a building without having to force the entry.

Knox Product Ordering Online Instructions

For Business or Resident

To purchase product on the Knox website, click on the red ‘BUY’ button and follow the prompts. Depending on the installation address of your Knox product purchase, you will either purchase your products directly from the website on your first visit, be asked to return to the site to complete your transaction once your approving public safety agency has reviewed your product selection or, you will be asked to obtain and submit a Knox Authorization Order form directly to that same approving agency.

Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Click on BUY button

Step 2: Type in Oregon Fire Dept. OR enter installation address where product will be installed.

Step 3: Choose the Oregon Fire Dept. Otherwise, begin your buying selection process.

Step 4: Choose product, add to cart and confirm installation address.

Step 5: Complete the checkout process.

We will approve the transaction and they should ship the product.

The Oregon Fire Dept. recommends model 3261 for surface mount or model 3270 for recessed mount.

These hold up to 6 keys.

Tamper switch models 3262 or 3271 are only required if you wish to tie them into an alarm system.

The 4401 is available for those needing a box for 7-50 keys.

If you need to order by mail or fax to the Knox Company please contact the Oregon Fire Dept. at

(419) 698-7114 for the instructions.

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