Fire Prevention


In 1964, John Fletcher was appointed Assistant District Chief of the Fire Prevention Bureau with (10) Bureau Inspectors.  Oregon City council passed an ordinance creating the position of a Full time Fire Prevention Chief in 1966.  Thomas Hathaway was appointed to the position in 1967.  Following his retirement Raymond Walendzak was appointed in 1977.  Over the span of 30 years Willam Flanagon and Willam Wilkens also held the position.  In 2007, Willam Wilkens was appointed to Fire Chief, and Paul Mullen became Chief of Fire Prevention.


The head of the Fire Prevention Bureau is Assistant Chief and Fire Marshal Mark Mullins.  Additional members include inspectors Paul Buehrer and Tyler Wepler.

Fire Inspector Tyler

Fire Marshal Mark Mullins

Fire Inspector Tyler

Fire Inspector Tyler Wepler

Fire Inspector Paul

Fire Inspector Paul Buehrer

Purpose and Mission

The Fire Prevention Bureaus purpose is to prevent injury and the loss of life and property.

Our mission is to ensure that Oregon residents and businesses are safe.  We complete our mission through safeguarding, code compliance, education, hazard mitigation and inspections

Services for Residents/Businesses

  • Smoke Alarm assistance
  • Fire Extinguisher training
  • Knox box for business and residential (see resources tab)
  • Fire Safety Talk

Education Opportunities

  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Smoke Alarms
  • CO monitor and alarms
  • CPR/AED/First-Aid
  • Fire Safety and Escape Plan

Contact Oregon Fire Prevention

If you have any questions, complaints or safety concerns, or would like to schedule an inspection or education opportunity/service, please click ‘Contact Us’ and select the appropriate options.  We will respond as soon as possible.

Fire Safety prevention education
fire safety activity

Important Links/Docs

I Started a Business, Now What?

Businesses should use this form to familiarize themselves with what our inspectors are generally looking for when inspecting their occupancy

Click here for the business safety checklist form.

Click here for the business safety flyer.

Home Safety Checklist

A residential fire occurs every half hour in Ohio. Homeowners and renters should use this form to determine the safety of their home.


Other Links/Docs

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