Our History

Very Beginning

Oregon Fire and Rescue Department was first organized on September 15, 1936.  The first meeting was held at the town hall on the corner of Wynn and Seaman Road.  The department began with 78 members and no equipment.  Some members traveled to neighboring jurisdictions for training, others had no other options but to resign.

First Apparatus

In 1937, the organization petitioned for the township trustees for acceptance as a Fire Department.  In 1938, the trustees officially organized the Fire Department of Oregon Township.  Two elections failed to provide funding for fire apparatus.  The township trustees gained the authority to purchase equipment as necessary for the department.  A Buffalo Triple Fire Engine was purchased for $6,895.

History of Oregon Fire Rescue

Development of Fire Houses

In 1941, Harbor View housed a volunteer fire department that was mutually aquired  by Oregon Township in 1947.  In 1948 another station was established behind Coy School with the purchase of a 1948 Buffalo Pumper.   As the need for coverage grew the department now had 3 stations.  No.1 being located at Seaman and Wynn roads.  No.2 being located at 1102 South Wheeling Street.  No. 3 being located at 4421 Bay Shore Road.

Origin of Life Squad 8

Lucas County citizens voted for passage of a Life Squad program in 1977.  The Regional Emergency Medical Service of Northwest Ohio (REMSNO) selected Oregon to house Life Squad 8.  The position of Fireman II (Paramedic) was created by Oregon City Council with 8 original members.

Moving Forward

As the city (formerly township) developed, the fire department began a necessary change to provide services.  The original volunteer model was enhanced to paid part-time and eventually full-time model which provided the city with 24/7 coverage.  Industry began to grow in the city of Oregon as well.  This created a need for apparatus and equipment.  Equipment age ranged from 1929 Model A Ford, to the current apparatus housed at all 3 stations today.

Station 41

Station 41 is located at 1040 S Wynn Rd, and dedicated November 13, 2022.  The fire house is home to  full and part time staff, and administrative staff.  The station also houses all frontline Fire and EMS apparatus.

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Honoring Our Past

The Oregon Fire/Rescue Department has a strong sense of community pride when honoring our fellow firefighters that have gone before us.

Our memorial stone was erected at Station1 (5002 Seaman Rd.) in 1981, made possible by donations from our community. When the new fire station was built in 2022, Felzer, Urban, and Sievert (the same company that did the initial installation) added the engraving on the back and moved the memorial to its new location. It can be viewed at Station 41, 1040 S. Wynn Rd.

Oregon Fire Dept Memorial
Oregon Fire Dept Memorial

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